September 12 -14, 2017 | Germany

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Ten latest innovations in the autonomous truck industry

To help you to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies, Automotive IQ has produced an exclusive report compiling the top 10 latest innovations in the autonomous trucks industry. Download for free here.

Autonomous Truck Technology Global Outlook

The race to implement autonomous truck technology is being played out on a global stage. Certain localities make testing and development easier as legislation struggles to match the pace of innovation, but frameworks will fall into place if the technology is viable and robust. Fully autonomous trucks may still be...

Report on the Future of Autonomous Trucks

Aside from technology, one of the largest inhibitors to autonomous vehicles is the requirement for a new legal (and insurance) framework. Today, autonomous driving is prohibited by law. Key questions to be addressed by a revised legal framework are liability (OEMs, suppliers, drivers), ethical concerns, and criteria that can be used to determine...

Report on Autonomous Trucks - Coming to a Street Near You

Expand your knowledge within this area, with this exclusive free report written by Automotive IQ on the topic of: "Report on Autonomous Trucks - Coming to a Street Near You!".Download the full report for free here

Report on Automated Truck Pilot Programs

Open any newspaper, read any online automotive post and you’ll soon come across a reference to self-driving cars - Waymo, Lyft, Uber and Tesla have all had their share of the automated car spotlight: But what about trucks? Is there anything going on in the commercial vehicle environment?Expand your knowledge within this...

Exclusive interview with Johan Engstrom at Virginia Tech Center

Johan Engstrom, Group Leader at Virginia Tech Center for Truck and Bus Safety in the USA gave us the opportunity to speak to him about technical developments in self-driving commercial vehicles and platooning technology.Read the full interview and get some answers to the following topics: Major technical issues in creating multi-brand...